Innovation Program

The Small Business Innovation Program is a first-of-its-kind accelerator program. It’s designed to support entrepreneurs passionate about helping small businesses by building new products, features and services.

Twice a year, small classes of startups will take up residence in our show-stopping InnoLoft: 30,000 square feet of lab, test kitchen, play room, business school, safe space, and launch pad for startups to work, disrupt, dream, test, strategize and plan.

In four-month sessions, startups get the run of the InnoLoft, from our UX lab to reconfigurable meeting and work space to showers for those late nights. And they get the run of our network, too. From our internal marketing, social media, tech and small business experts, to advisors, investors, and potential customers. They’ll meet everyone critical to the growth, scalability and success of their startup.

Be the envy of other startups.

In four months, you’ll take your company further than you ever expected at the InnoLoft with definite strategic advantages like:

  • Free space
  • Access
  • Marketing
  • Collaboration
  • Feedback
Want in? Great. We have just a few requirements:
Require circle1

Your product or solution must already exist in the market and have some sort of user base (it can be small). One of the goals for the SMB InnoLoft is to help make the startups that participate more scalable.
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Whatever you offer, it must help small businesses be more successful. We define that as "building stronger, more meaningful relationships with customers and prospects and being able to grow." You may have your own definition. We welcome it.
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Your company has to relocate temporarily to our office as part of the program. No Skyping, no emailing it in. Inspiration and good ideas happen at any time. We want you to be there for them. And we’re going to have visitors dropping by to help you, too.
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How do we choose?
A panel of judges that you pitch to will make the final call. Additional judges will be added shortly.
Andy Miller Chief Innovation Architect
Alec Stern Vice President of Strategic Innovation,
Executive in Residence, SMB InnoLoft
Be a part of the InnoLoft!

Innovation Team
It’s the forward-charging squad that seeks and inspires new and interesting ways to help small businesses and nonprofits, disrupts old ways of thinking, and maybe has a little fun along the way (how’s that for ambitious?).
Iview room
In addition to running the SMB InnoLoft Program, the Innovation Team also runs quarterly internal Innovation Jams, external hackathons, meetups and sessions for networking, idea-sharing, spirited conversation, and even having a beer or two.
The team and program are both led by Andy Miller, Chief Innovation Architect. Prior to joining the company, he was CEO of CardStar where he was responsible for overall business development and strategic direction before being acquired by Constant Contact. Andy holds a BA in Economics from SUNY Oswego, and a MS in Entrepreneurial Studies from Suffolk University.
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For requirements and eligibility, see our Frequently Asked Questions
Test Drive Team
Like new toys? Like being the first to test out new technology? Like sharing your opinions? Join our Test Drive Team! The TDT is the official focus group for the Innovation Program— troubleshooting products, services and solutions for InnoLoft classes. If you want to be the first to help shape success for small businesses, we want to hear from you.
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